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Interior Door Premiera

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Classic door collection that integrates beauty, elegance, and harmony. This collection makes a luxurious accent to your interior creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. There is a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from.
The door structure is a natural wood covered with a wood veneer.

Available Veneer Finishes


The door structure is a defect-free natural wood covered with a wood veneer and a clear coat on top of a thin MDF layer. The wood veneer is a layer of wood that has been carefully cut and glued into a larger core. This type of layered configuration allows making complex inner components of the door slab in order to achieve a classic look with durable quality.
 Door Details


1. Door slab

Finger joint pine wood, covered with a layer of 1/8″ inch (3mm) MDF and finished with a natural veneer.

2. Door frame

Finger joint pine wood finished with natural veneer and soundproofing seal.

3. Casing

MDF with natural veneer finishing.
Produced with 12 mm and 8 mm thickness for connection to the door jamb without the use of nails.

4. Jamb extension

MDF with natural veneer finishing.
Standard sizes ~3 7/8″(or 100mm), ~5 7/8″(150mm) and ~7 7/8″(200mm) width.

5. Glass inserts

Frosted glass

Frosted glass bronze

Frosted glass graphite

Glass with engraving

6. Inserts

Shaped panel

Flat panel

MDF with natural veneer finishing.

7. Glass Stop and Panel

8. Door Headers

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

Type 6

Type 7

Additional information

Frame Width Standard Sizes

Min 18 1/2 inch, Max 38 inch

Frame Height Standard Size

80 1/2 – 81 1/4 inch

Frame Height Custom Sizes

78 inch, 80 inch, 81 7/8 inch, 83 7/8 inch