Stylish interior doors that include contemporary and classic designs.

Door styles: 49
Color options: 7 (Eco-Veneer)
Custom height: up to 8 ft


Invisible doors are a very popular trend in modern interior design. The door frame is made of aluminum and hidden behind the drywall.

Door types: Primed flat panel, and any door from Plato and Elegance Collections
Finish options: Primed, Wood-veneer, Glass
Custom height: up to 8 ft


Solid wood interior doors of classical design.

Door styles: 19
Color options: Can be painted in any RAL color
Custom height: up to 8 ft


Modern interior doors with uncompromising quality and high environmental safety.

Door styles: 5
Color options: 3 (3D touchline film)
Custom height: up to 8 ft

Wooden interior doors


Wooden interior doors that accumulate the most popular trends of contemporary design.

Door styles: 52
Color options: 5 (Wood-Veneer & Lacquer)
Custom height: up to 90 inches.


Elegant interior doors that perfectly fits in any modern interior.

Door styles: 12
Color options: 15 (Eco-Veneer)
Custom height: up to 8 ft


Classic interior doors that integrate beauty, elegance, and harmony.

Door styles: 36
Color options: 20 (Wood-Veneer & Lacquer)
Custom height: up to 8 ft


A balanced combination of simplicity, rationality, and laconism.

Door styles: 12
Color options: 30 (Wood-Veneer & Lacquer)
Custom height: up to 8 ft

Please note that the doors are custom made and manufactured in Europe. Therefore start planning in advance to save some time for manufacturing and delivery. So don’t leave the doors as the last thing. Get the quote today!


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