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Interior Door Plato-09

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Elegant door collection that perfectly fits in any modern interior. 
The slab edge can be done with grey or black aluminum or a matching eco-veneer. The casing sits flush with a door slab, that complements it’s modern look.

Available Eco-Veneer Finishes


The door structure is a defect-free natural wood covered with MDF layer which strengthens the protection of the wood. Finished with a German polypropylene film (PP) known as eco-veneer Renolit. Eco-veneer is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any toxins or formaldehyde and is also resistant to micro scratches.

Door Details

Additional information

Frame Width Standard Sizes

Min 18 1/2 inch, Max 38 inch

Frame Height Standard Size

80 1/2 – 81 1/4 inch

Frame Height Custom Sizes

78 inch, 80 inch, 81 7/8 inch, 83 7/8 inch